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This website contains statements that constitute forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. 前瞻性陈述是基于对未来的假设, 涉及风险和不确定性, 并不是保证. Future results may differ materially from those expressed in any forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements represent our estimates and assumptions only as of the date of this website. We assume no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statement as a result of new information, 未来事件或其他因素.

在这个网站上, 前瞻性陈述可以通过“相信”这样的词语来识别,”“预计,”“计划,”“预计,”“计划,”“估计,”“项目,”“预测,”“应该,”“可以,”“会,”“会,”“有信心,”“可能,”“可以,”“潜在,”“可能,”“提出,“过程”,”“在建,”“在开发中,”“机会,”“目标,”“前景,”“保持,”“继续,“”的目标,“”的目标,”“提交,或类似的表达, 或者当我们讨论我们的指导时, 优先级, 策略, 目标, 愿景, 任务, 机会, 预测, 意图或期望.

因素, 等, that could cause actual results and 事件 to differ materially from those described in any forward-looking statements include risks and uncertainties relating to: California wildfires, including the risks that we may be found liable for damages regardless of fault and that we may not be able to recover all or a substantial portion of costs from insurance, 根据加州议会法案1054建立的野火基金, in rates from customers or a combination thereof; decisions, 调查, 规定, 签发或撤销许可证及其他授权, 续签的特许经营权, 和(i)加州公用事业委员会(CPUC)的其他行动, Comisión Reguladora de Energía, U.S. 美国能源部.S. 联邦能源管理委员会, 德州公共事业委员会, 以及其他监管和政府机构和(ii)州, 县, 美国的城市和其他司法管辖区.S., Mexico and other countries in which we do business; the success of business development efforts, 建设项目及收购和剥离, 在(i)作出最终投资决定的能力中包括风险, (ii) completing construction projects or other transactions on schedule and budget, (iii) the ability to realize anticipated benefits from any of these efforts if completed, (四)取得合伙人或者其他第三方的同意或者批准, including 政府ernmental entities and regulatory bodies; the resolution of civil and criminal litigation, 监管调查, 调查和诉讼, 仲裁, 和财产纠纷, including those related to the natural gas leak at Southern California Gas Company's (SoCalGas) Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility; changes to laws, including changes to certain of Mexico's laws and rules that impact energy supplier permitting, 能源合同利率, 电力行业普遍具备进口能力, 出口, transport and store hydrocarbons; cyber证券交易委员会urity threats, 包括国家和国家资助的行为者, 到能源网, 存储和管道基础设施, 用于经营我们业务的信息和系统, and confidentiality of our proprietary information and personal information of our customers and employees, including ransomware attacks on our systems and the systems of third-party vendors and other parties with which we conduct business, all of which have become more pronounced due to recent geopolitical 事件 and other uncertainties, such as the war in Ukraine; failure of foreign 政府ernments and state-owned entities to honor their contracts and commitments; actions by credit rating agencies to downgrade our credit ratings or to place those ratings on negative outlook and our ability to borrow on favorable terms and meet our debt service obligations; the impact of energy and climate policies, 立法, 制定和披露, 以及相关的目标设定, 以及我们行业的公司所采取的行动, including actions to reduce or eliminate reliance on natural gas generally and any deterioration of or increased uncertainty in the political or regulatory environment for California natural gas distribution companies and the risk of nonrecovery for stranded assets; the pace of the development and adoption of new technologies in the energy 证券交易委员会tor, including those designed to support 政府ernmental and private party energy and climate 目标, and our ability to timely and economically incorporate them into our business; weather, 自然灾害, 大流行, 事故, 设备故障, 爆炸, 恐怖主义行为, 信息系统中断或其他干扰我们运作的事件, 破坏我们的设施和系统, 造成有害物质的释放, 引起火灾或使我们承担财产损害或人身伤害的责任, 罚款和处罚, 其中一些可能不在保险范围内, may be disputed by insurers or may otherwise not be recoverable through regulatory mechanisms or may impact our ability to obtain satisfactory levels of affordable insurance; the availability of electric power and natural gas and natural gas storage capacity, including disruptions caused by failures in the trans任务 grid or limitations on the withdrawal of natural gas from storage facilities; the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, 包括可能的疫苗接种规定, 在资本项目, regulatory approvals and the execution of our operations; the impact at San Diego Gas & 电力公司(西班牙&E) on competitive customer rates and reliability due to the growth in distributed and local power generation, including from departing retail load resulting from customers transferring to Community Choice Aggregation and Direct Access, and the risk of nonrecovery for stranded assets and contractual obligations; Oncor Electric Delivery Company LLC's (Oncor) ability to eliminate or reduce its quarterly dividends due to regulatory and 政府ernance requirements and commitments, including by actions of Oncor's independent directors or a minority member director; volatility in foreign currency exchange, 通货膨胀、利率和大宗商品价格, 包括美国的通胀压力.S., and our ability to effectively hedge these risks and with respect to inflation and interest rates, 对可持续发展目标的影响&E's and SoCalGas' cost of capital and the affordability of customer rates; changes in tax and trade policies, 法律、法规, 包括关税, 修订国际贸易协定和制裁, such as those that have been imposed and that may be imposed in the future in connection with the war in Ukraine, 这可能会增加我们的成本, 减少我们的竞争力, impact our ability to do business with certain current or potential counterparties, or impair our ability to resolve trade disputes; and other uncertainties, 其中一些可能很难预测,也超出了我们的控制范围.

These risks and uncertainties are further discussed in the reports that Sempra has filed with the U.S. 证券交易委员会(SEC). These reports are available through the EDGAR system free-of-charge on the SEC's website, 证券交易委员会.政府,在森普拉的网站上, qdmr163.com. 投资者不应过分依赖任何前瞻性声明.

Sempra基础设施, Sempra德州, Sempra墨西哥, Sempra德州公用事业, Oncor和infrastructura Energética Nova, S.A.P.I. de C.V. (IEnova)和加州公用事业公司SDG不是同一家公司&E或SoCalGas, 和Sempra基础设施, Sempra德州, Sempra墨西哥, Sempra德州公用事业, Oncor和IEnova不受CPUC的监管.

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